Democrat Wins Election — FBI Knocks On His Door To ‘Congratulate’ Him With List Of Corruption Charges

Corruption scandals became something usual when it comes to politics.

 Actually it is suprise to find absence of corruption. And especially at Democrats.Take a look on which Democrat’s door FBI just knocked.

According to American Conservative Herald:

Democrat mayor of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Ed Pawlowski was the next Democrat victim of corruption. He has claimed that he is not guilty, at least so far, and he returned to his office recently.

He beat Republican real estate developer Nat Hyman. With 95 percent of precincts reporting, Pawlowski had about 50 percent of the vote and Hyman 43 percent.

“Pawlowski denied accusations that he accepted more than $150,000 in campaign contributions in exchange for city contracts, asking voters in the heavily Democratic city to return him to an office he’s held since 2006. Hyman said he ran ‘to try and pull Allentown out from under the cloud of scandal.’”

“‘We’ve got a lot of great things on the horizon,’ Pawlowski told cheering supporters at a local Lebanese restaurant after election results were announced. ‘We have a great city that is growing, that is expanding. We’re going to keep moving this city forward.’”

That must be really good announcement when you know you have FBI on your back for corruption. Nice one Pawlowski.

“Following a two-year investigation of City Hall, prosecutors in July charged him with 56 counts, including bribery, conspiracy, fraud, extortion and lying to the FBI.”

Well, seems like Pawlowski was having corruption classes at Hillary’s office. He’s got a long way to get her level, and we wonder if anyone in the world can get her. He must study from Hillary’s text book for corruption. His only goof is he got indicted, something Hillary has manged to avoid, so far.

But not for long.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: American Conservative Herald.



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