Domination of one hemisphere of brain

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Hemispheric specialization for language". Right hemisphere damage causes damage to low spatial frequency, so people with right hemisphere damage can only see the details of an image, or the high frequency parts of an image. Another characteristic of a person with Wernicke's aphasia is that they are unconcerned by the mistakes that they are making. In the s, neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield and his neurologist colleague Herbert Jasper developed a technique of brain mapping to help reduce side effects caused by surgery to treat epilepsy. McGilchrist, Iain 9 October Taking the Side of Model Systems". These areas frequently correspond to handedness, however, meaning that the localization of these areas is regularly found on the hemisphere corresponding to the dominant hand anatomically on the opposite side.

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Each human's brain develops differently leading to unique lateralization in individuals. It was observed that if the patient was presented with an image to his left visual field right brain , he would report not seeing anything.

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Lateralization of brain function

Wernicke's aphasia is the result of damage to the area of the brain that is commonly in the left hemisphere above the sylvian fissure. The Academy of Management Review. A Study in Nineteenth-Century Thought. Function lateralization such as semantics , intonation , accentuation , prosody , etc. Research by Michael Gazzaniga and Roger Wolcott Sperry in the s on split-brain patients led to an even greater understanding of functional laterality. One of their main findings was that the right hemisphere was capable of rudimentary language processing, but often has no lexical or grammatical abilities. When these connections are cut, the two halves of the brain have a reduced capacity to communicate with each other.

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