Amateur construction and ownerbuilt home

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Guide to Homebuilts - Ninth Edition. Retrieved 24 May In the post-war period, manufacturers needed to find new markets and introduced models designed for tourism. Retrieved 17 April Wooden structural members are joined with adhesive, usually epoxy. The fabric is saturated with the structural plastic in a liquid form; when the plastic cures and hardens, the part will hold its shape while possessing the strength characteristics of the fabric.

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The safety record of homebuilts is not as good as certified general aviation aircraft.

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Homebuilt aircraft

A minority of homebuilts use converted automobile engines, with Volkswagen air-cooled flat-4s , Subaru -based liquid-cooled engines, Mazda Wankel and Chevrolet Corvair six-cylinder engines being most common. The resulting federal standards on design, engineering, stress analysis, use of aircraft-quality hardware and testing of aircraft brought an end to amateur building except in some specialized areas, such as racing. Retrieved 24 May There seems to be a shrinking pilot base from which to draw people to build kits. We might see more motorglider-type homebuilts, tied both to high fuel prices and emerging electric-propulsion technology.

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