Anti-Trump Welfare Queen BRAGS About ‘RAPING THE GOVERNMENT’


During Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, he allowed millions of people to get on welfare and freeload off of the hard work of American taxpayers. Now that President Donald Trump is in office, he’s trying to force as many people as possible to get off welfare and get jobs.

As the video above will show you, welfare queens everywhere are already feeling the heat over what Trump is doing.

Conservative Tribune reported that the video above this story shows a Brooklyn welfare queen bragging about how she doesn’t have to work. However, she then bites the hand that is feeding her by mouthing off about how awful the government is, which just goes to show that she’s worried Trump will take her benefits away.

“F*** the government,” said the woman, who is a mother of three children. “F*** Trump. I’m gonna rape that s*** sitting on my a**.”

The woman goes on to boast about how she gets to live the high life while everyone else has to work full grueling days.

“What you gonna say?” she said. “Welfare b****? Food stamp b****? Well, (this) welfare b****, food stamp b**** still got more than you, b****, and you working 9 to 5, b****!”

This video perfectly exemplifies the entitled welfare mentality that spread throughout the U.S. thanks to Obama. Welfare fraud has become disturbingly common as well. In Massachusetts alone, an investigation by the state’s Bureau of Special Investigations found that an estimated $13.7 million in welfare benefits were obtained fraudulently in 2015.

“BSI examiners completed 10,784 investigations in FY15, with fraud identified in 1,131 of those cases, a 37 percent increase in fraud identification from FY14,” state auditor Suzanne M. Bump announced in a statement last year. “These cases included individuals or groups defrauding the state of public assistance benefits like: food stamps (SNAP), childcare services, health care benefits, and cash assistance.”

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