At least 72 DHS Employees Found On Terrorist Watch List – USA Daily News 24

If there was ever a time to doubt the ability of the government to vet the background of Syrian refugees, it’s now.

Not only does the government have no idea how to vet possible terrorist refugees, despite Obama insisting our vetting process is “rigorous,” but the government has also been proven not to be able to vet employees of the Department of Homeland Security, because there are 72 DHS employees on the terrorist watchlist.

 Yes, you read that correctly. There are 72 people working for the department that is responsible for securing our nation…

From Free Beacon:

At least 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security are listed on the U.S. terrorist watch list, according to a Democratic lawmaker.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D., Mass.) disclosed that a congressional investigation recently found that at least 72 people working at DHS also “were on the terrorist watch list.”

“Back in August, we did an investigation—the inspector general did—of the Department of Homeland Security, and they had 72 individuals that were on the terrorist watch list that were actually working at the Department of Homeland Security,” Lynch told Boston Public Radio.

“The [former DHS] director had to resign because of that,” he said.

Rep. Stephen Lynch went on to say, “I have very low confidence based on empirical data that we’ve got on the Department of Homeland Security. I think we desperately need another set of eyeballs looking at the vetting process. That’s vetting that’s being done at major airports where we have a stationary person coming through a facility, and we’re failing 95 percent of the time. I have even lower confidence that they can conduct the vetting process in places like Jordan, or Belize or on the Syrian border, or in Cairo, or Beirut in any better fashion, especially given the huge volume of applicants we’ve had seeking refugee status.”

If the government can’t even catch terrorists that have successfully infiltrated the U.S. government, they certainly can’t catch them among the thousands upon thousands that are flooding the country.