BREAKING: Clinton Is Losing Ground In DEEP BLUE State…No One Expected THIS! – USA Daily News 24

We’ve talked about how biased the liberal media has been during this election. Clearly they are trying to move heaven and earth to prop up a failed, dishonest, and unlikable candidate like Hillary Clinton.

This is also true of polling firms. While modern methods of gauging responses are at their disposal, they continue to use outdated and flawed systems, usually because it’s easier to manipulate the data.

But even with this bias, they cannot completely erase the shocking trend of Trump gaining support in blue states.

From Breitbart:

The latest poll from Emerson College shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by only six points in Illinois, where Barack Obama won by over 16 points against Mitt Romney in 2012.

Emerson has the race at Clinton 45%, Trump 39% in a four-way race. Libertarian Gary Johnson received 6% support in Illinois, while the Green Party’s Jill Stein pulled 3%. Seven percent of respondents said they were undecided.

Emerson’s most recent national poll showed Trump just slightly ahead of Clinton, 43% to 41%, well inside the poll’s 3.4% margin of error. This was also a four-way survey, in which Johnson drew 9% and Stein had 2% support.

In states where Clinton should be dominating the polls, simply crushing Trump with overwhelming numbers, she is barely pulling ahead. Mind you, these aren’t swing states that can change from year to year. These are long-time blue states that typically vote Democrat.

The fact that Illinois, which was dominantly for Obama in 2012, is swinging toward Trump, is amazing. It proves that this election is like none we have ever seen.

Don’t expect the voting results to look like previous elections. Blue states might become red. Swing states will swing in Trump’s direction.

There will be a major upset come November. The liberal elite and the left will be overwhelmed at their crushing losses.



BREAKING: Clinton Is Losing Ground In DEEP BLUE State…No One Expected THIS!

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