Breaking: Iranian Vessel Thought It Could Intercept A US Destroyer But Gets Humbled By American Ship Unleashing SERIOUS WEAPONRY!


We’ve all at some point within our travels, either witnessed, read or have some personal experience with those nasty little “fur balls,” those ½ pound little dogs with the high-pitched yap, who seem to constantly show their provocative side.

 Well, that same analogy can apply to countries, for example, North Korea has a pudgy little coarse dictator yapping away and being extremely obnoxious, while Iran is playing perhaps a more ominous game of “chicken” on the high seas, which if continued might get itself “blown to smithereens.”

The incident is being played out in the Persian Gulf between an Iranian ship and a U.S. Navy Destroyer, however unlike the portly despot in North Korea making verbal threats; Iran is getting extremely close to physically engaging our American fleet, which of course would be a monumental mistake.

On Monday, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard “fast attack craft” came within 1,000 yards of an American U.S. guided missile destroyer.

 The brief confrontation wasn’t acknowledged until the following day, and according to news reports the Iranian attack ship had its weapons manned and ready to fire. In response to the approaching threat the U.S. Navy Destroyer, the “USS Mahan” quickly manned it’s own battle stations, locked and loaded it’s own weapons before firing off a few warning flares.

This apparently stopped the Iranian craft from continuing its dangerous game of “cat and mouse.”

A U.S. spokesperson acknowledging the reckless incident: “Coming inbound at a high rate of speed like that and manning weapons, despite clear warnings from the ship, is obviously provocative behavior.”

There’s little doubt that the Iranian despots are testing the Trump Administration, perhaps believing the way they humiliated the Obama Administration by seizing two American patrol boats and detaining 10-crew members, and using them as propaganda props, that somehow they can do the same to this administration.

Obviously, President Trump isn’t Obama, and Iran had better think twice or be prepared to lose a few Iranian crafts, the next time they get too close to our U.S. Navy Destroyer.

Do you think the US is justified in firing on this aggressive Iranian vessel?

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