BREAKING: Justice Department Makes SHOCKING Announcement About Hillary Clinton Investigation… – USA Daily News 24

The Justice Department’s inspector general dropped a bombshell on Thursday when he announced that an investigation is being launched into the FBI’s probe of Hillary Clinton in the final months of the presidential election.

Daily Mail reported that the IG is trying to determine if FBI Director James Comey followed department policies when he announced the decision not to prosecute HIllary Clinton in connection with her email scandal. The DOJ will also investigate whether he followed protocol when he announced that he was reopening the investigation just 11 days before the election, only to admit days later that he had found nothing.

Democrats have spent the last few months blaming Comey for Clinton’s loss, citing his late-October letter about the case as the main reason Donald Trump was able to win.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz explained that this new investigation will look into whether department or FBI policies were followed in Comey’s actions regarding the case. It will also probe whether Comey should have been recused from the investigation, and allegations that department officials improperly disclosed nonpublic information to the Clinton campaign.

Politico reported that Horowitz said this investigation came after “requests from numerous Chairmen and Ranking Members of Congressional oversight committees, various organizations, and members of the public.”

Clinton herself has spoken out since the election to blame Comey for her loss.

“There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful,” Clinton said, according to the New York Times, citing a donor. “Our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum.”

Her campaign manager Robby Mook also whined that it was Comey’s fault that she lost.

“It’s hard to imagine the kind of impact that that letter had,” Mook said at a post-election conference at the Harvard Institute of Politics.