BREAKING – Loretta Lynch Gets What She Deserves For Meeting With Bill Clinton! SHE’S DONE! – USA Daily News 24


It was a classic case of “be aware that your sins will find you out” as noted in the Old Testament book of Numbers. Although they did their best to hide it, the clandestine meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on that Phoenix Airport Tarmac was uncovered and now Lynch just might be held accountable for it.

The Attorney General is now facing a federal lawsuit that will attempt to compel her to disclose the details of this secret meeting, as per DailyMailThe American Center for Law and Justice filed the lawsuit on Wednesday.

The former President delayed his flight in order to get a word with her. Because the meeting was leaked, Lynch had to step aside from the investigation. Although Lynch was supposed to be deciding whether or not to charge Clinton for her use of the unauthorized server, the decision supposedly fell to someone else.

Of course, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director, James Comey, announced he would not proceed with charges. Because of how obvious it was, another thing was evident too.

The Clintons also continue to lie, and they continue to use their political connections in order to skirt any type of responsibility. It is this type of abuse that led to this latest lawsuit.

One can only shake their head in disgust, and ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow definitely would concur. He slammed both the Clintons and the Obamaadministration for their “arrogance and inappropriate actions.” Remember when Obama promised his administration would be “the most transparent in history.” So much for that plan, eh Obama?

“This administration has gone out of its way to hide information from the American public — information that is extremely troubling,” Sekulow said. “The stakes are high. The American people deserve a Justice Department with integrity.”

Of course, pressure mounted on Lynch after this engagement. She cracked under the pressure said she wouldn’t “do it again” because of the shadow it cast over the entire investigation.

Her meeting with Bill Clinton indicates an obvious conflict of interest.Folks, we dodged a huge bullet here! This woman was almost our president, and in that position she would have contributed to the continued destruction of our country. Thank God we had Donald Trump in the running too.

Of course, even though we didn’t elect her, another thing is important to consider as well. She still should be held accountable for her dishonest actions. The American people deserve only the best in their leadership, and she has continually missed the mark.

Hopefully this lawsuit will hold some more people like her accountable. We will be keeping our fingers crossed.