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On Thursday, Barack Obama refused to tell protesters to end their anti-democratic protests claiming that democracy is cannot be silenced. reported: BERLIN (AP) — The Latest on President Barack Obama‘s last official overseas trip (All times local): 6:20 p.m. President Barack Obama says he won’t advise people protesting Donald Trump‘s election victory to keep silent. His message instead: Voting and organizing matter. Obama says he has continually told young people not to take the nation’s systems of government and way of life for granted. He says democracy is hard work and noted some 43 percent of eligible voters didn’t vote. Obama also says that the foundations of a health democracy mean people have to be engaged, not just in an election or when an issue pops up for a few weeks.

President Barack Obama says he hopes President-elect Donald Trump will “stand up to Russia” when it deviates from U.S. values and international norms.

Obama says on issues such as the Ukraine and Syria, the U.S. has very significant differences with Russia. He says it’s important to find areas of cooperation with Russia when values align, but he also hopes the new president will be firm with Russia when they don’t.

Obama says he’s doesn’t expect Trump to follow the Obama’ administration blueprint or approach, but also hopes he won’t simply walk away from the administration’s efforts.

The president also says Trump’s commitment to NATO is important.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says her country is prepared to increase its military commitments as demanded by allies such as the United States.

Germany has long been criticized by the alliance for not meeting its obligation to commit at least 2 percent of its GDP to defense spending. And President-elect Donald Trump pressed NATO allies during his election campaign to pay their share, and suggested the U.S. might back away from the alliance if they don’t.

Merkel says: “We got the message and have started to react.”

She was speaking at a press conference with President Barack Obama in Berlin on Thursday.

Germany spent about 1.2 percent of its gross domestic product on defense last year.

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