BREAKING: President Trump Is Banning ALL Immigrants from These 7 Countries! – USA Daily News 24


This is what we have all been waiting for. Donald Trump has finally taken the most important step to fighting ISIS by issuing a blanket ban on ALL Immigrants and refugees from these dangerous Middle Eastern Countries:

His ban on Syria will ban ALL US states from taking in Syrian Refugees for the foreseeable future. It will also make taking in refugees much harder until we have more intensive vetting processes.

According to Daily Mail,

To block entry from the designated countries, Trump is likely to instruct the US State Department to stop issuing visas to people from those nations, according to sources familiar with the visa process. 

He could also instruct US Customs and Border Protection to stop any current visa holders from those countries from entering the United States. 

Sounds like a pretty solid plan. We cannot continue to let these 2 decades of terror attacks by Islamic nations continue and Trump is aware. This is not about freedom, it’s about survival.

So, with these new 2 Executive Orders being signed in tomorrow morning and a bunch of Marines heading our military and intelligence, Trump has finally set us up to defend ourselves for real!