BREAKING: Right After His Historic Speech Last Night, Trump Just ROCKED Iraq! – USA Daily News 24


ISIS admits defeat! ISIS admits defeat! According to reports out from Daily Mail, ISIS leader has admitted DEFEAT in Iraq.

Last night Trump promised this to the American people:

The leader of ISIS has officially ordered “militants to flee or kill themselves in suicide attacks.” He is supposed to have issued a statement called a “farewell speech.”


ISIS just took major losses in Iraq.

Here is footage of the battle:

The Iraqi army has seized the major road out of western Mosul. According to the Daily Mail, British Defense Minister Michael Fallon said that he thinks ISIS will be expelled from the country’s town by 2017.

Boom goes the ISIS:

The Al Arabiya, an Iraqi television network is claiming that ISIS leader Baghdadi himself has admitted defeat.

Trump has barely been in office and he is already taking out ISIS. Scratch that. He is taking apart ISIS. They have just lost a major country.

It’s hard not to see this breaking news and not wonder 1 thing. It is hard to not wonder how it is that ISIS was just kicked out of Iraq. What was Barack Obama doing that whole time?