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Donald Trump

The excitement and the momentum of the Trump campaign continues to grow. The signs are everywhere, and Trump’s recent campaign announcement will be extremely encouraging to his many supporters.

Donald Trump was able to raise over $100 million from donations smaller than $200 in just three months, per

This is “a threshold no previous Republican has ever achieved in a single campaign,” according to Politico.

The cardinal rule of any winning campaign is to try and excite voters. Apathy can be the death knell to any campaign, and one way to tell if a campaign is going well is through how many small donations are coming in. Here are a couple cases in point:

President Obama set the record for fundraising with over $400 million raised in small donations. Mitt Romney and John McCain both only had a total of $64 million in their respective campaigns.

Hillary Clinton has raised $156 million, but, true to form, some of that money was raised by repeatedly taking advantage of her poorest donors. Typical con artist, but I digress.

Donald Trump has definitely demonstrated he is the anti-Clinton because he has run his campaign the right way.

Trump even raised $5 million in one day: August 31st, when he met with Mexico’s president.

There are a couple reasons for this high fundraising activity. Perhaps one of the main causes of this is the fact that Donald Trump is unlike any other GOP candidate. He is actually meeting with groups that wouldn’t normally vote Republican. In a nutshell, he is not taking anyone for granted.

One particular GOP operative was especially impressed with the campaign: “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Couple this with the fact that hardly anyone shows up to Clinton rallies, and it likely points to Donald Trump getting elected in November.

BREAKING – Trump Makes MAJOR Campaign Announcement, This Could Change the Race

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