California Has GONE MAD! Look What INSANE Thing They Just Did to Get Back at Trump – USA Daily News 24


California is good at one thing: Making Bad Decisions. Now they have absolutely gone and done it by declaring they will now become a SANCTUARY STATE to defy Trump!

The State Legislature just produced a bill that would FORBID state law enforcement from complying with Federal Immigration rules.

While MANY of California’s biggest cities are already Sanctuary Cities, a lot of their rural counties are NOT happy with this decision. However, they don’t have the money the big boys do.

In fact, places like San Francisco have SOOOO much money that they are now leveling lawsuits against Trump for his Sanctuary City and Immigration ban policies. If they were to get cut off, they would instantly lose their $1.2 billion in federal funding that they receive yearly.

In case you may have forgotten, Californians ALSO put forward another piece of legislation to allow them to leave the United States and become their own country. Clearly, they are not acting right in the head right now.

As much as I hate their policies and attitude, we still need their ports and farmland. We are all Americans and this country belongs to ALL of us!!