CNN’s Jim Acosta Mouths Off To Sean Spicer – IMMEDIATELY Wishes He Hadn’t… – USA Daily News 24


Tensions have been rising between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer ever since Donald Trump took office. Things got even more intense between the two on Wednesday, when Acosta asked a truly offensive question about Trump.

Fox News reported that Acosta asked if Trump was “detached from reality” due to comments he made at the White House gathering for Senators on Tuesday night. Specifically, Acosta was referring to when Trump said U.S. soldiers in Iraq were fighting “like never before,” and that passing health care reform would be “easy.”

“We are doing well. I just had long call with Gen. Mattis,” Trump had said. “We are doing really well in Iraq. Our soldiers are fighting, and fighting like never before, and the results are very good, so I just wanted to let everyone know.”

“Does that take into consideration what happened during the Bush and Obama administrations when they were fighting house to house?” Acosta asked.

Spicer refused to take Acosta’s bait, however, and instead rushed to Trump’s defense, saying the comments were made in a “light-hearted moment.”

“I think the progress that’s being made in Iraq and the fight against ISIS is going extremely well and he’s proud of it,” said Spicer, adding that Trump did not mean that he believes U.S. troops are “in combat” in Iraq.

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