DESPERATION: We just found out what Weiner’s next job could be… – USA Daily News 24

Anthony Weiner

What in the world is Anthony Weiner up to? Quite understandably, the man has run into difficulty when it comes to finding a job. Most of us have lost track of the number of times the man’s reputation has been tarnished, and it’s doubtful many employers are willing to entertain the possibility of hiring someone who may sext on the job.

Cash must be getting tight. Not only has Weiner spent the past few years unemployed, he was recently fined $65,000 for spending cash meant for his mayoral campaign on personal expenses (not something someone financially solvent tends to do in the first place).

The way things are going, you may be more likely to see Anthony Weiner at a McDonalds than appearing on Bill Maher. As the New York Post reported: Anthony Weiner is so desperate for work, he has been dialing up friends in the restaurant industry for advice and job leads, sources said.

Days after the Nov. 8 presidential election, the disgraced former congressman and failed mayoral candidate spoke with a pal at the Hunt & Fish Club, the swanky Times Square meat market, about his future, two sources familiar with the conversation said. “He said . . . he’s ‘looking for whatever’s next,’ ” one source said.

Weiner didn’t inquire about specific openings at the chophouse but asked them to “think of anything, what I could do for my next step.” A master of understatement, Weiner glumly acknowledged, “There’s not a lot that’s necessarily available.”

The source thought Weiner could fill a “back of the house” role — perhaps at brother Jason Weiner’s Bridgehampton-based bistro Almond. Neither Weiner replied to e-mails and calls seeking comment.

In case this all works out for him, we’ll inform Mr. Weiner that we all would in fact like fries with our order.

By The Analytical Economist