Donald Trump Gets TERRIBLE News About Possible IMPEACHMENT, THIS IS NOT GOOD! – USA Daily News 24

Now that it is all but assured that Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, many on the left are crossing their fingers as to when he will be removed from office.

The reasons why Trump could be removed are numerous including impeachment, resigning, or dying in office. Rather than sitting around and merely speculating about the matter without skin in the game a website is now allowing individuals the opportunity to wager their own money on the outcome. Is not technology grand?

A bookmaking website based in Ireland called “Paddy Power” is offering direct gambling odds relating to Trump. Surprisingly, the payouts they are offering are conservative. The individuals in charge of setting the odds are professionals who look at a long list of criteria before making their determinations. Right now odds of 8 to 1 are being laid that Trump will only last in office for the short time of just 6 months! If one is looking for higher odds they can take the 4 to 1 line that Trump will be impeached before his first term is completed.

Paddy Power lost millions of dollars when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race to Donald Trump, so they surely have the ability to be incorrect and on the wrong side of the numbers. If individuals are against Trump they should put their money where their mouths are and lay a few dollars down to financially benefit from his demise. It’s the American way.