Donald Trump Signs Executive Order To Deport 11 MILLION Illegals Immediately! – USA Daily News 24


On Wednesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on dealing with illegal immigration, and according to a report from ABC News, this shall entail that every immigrant residing in the U.S. will be subjected to possible deportation.

As far s numbers go, one study conducted by Pew Research in 2014 shows that around 11 million illegal immigrants are located in America at the moment.

“Interior enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws is critically important to the national security and public safety of the United States,” Trump’s order read. “Many aliens who illegally enter the United States and those who overstay or otherwise violate the terms of their visas present a significant threat to national security and public safety. This is particularly so for aliens who engage in criminal conduct in the United States.”

As per ABC News, all immigrants who fall into this category and “have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter,” will leave the country if they do not possess valid visa documents or have extended their stay illegally.

This certainly doesn’t make the liberals happy.

“This order takes that notion of ‘criminal alien‘ to its farthest reaches,” said David Martin, a University of Virginia law professor.

And although the liberals may rebel about this decision, Donald Trump’s order is very clear and sends a valuable message- you cannot break the law and get away with it and you cannot reside where you do not belong legally.

It would be an impossible task to deport all 11 million immigrants and eradicate the problem for good, but Trump is on the right track to do good and to heal America once more.

All illegal immigrants who are suspicious or have even engaged into crimes have to go, stat.

This represents a serious issue and we trust Trump to carry it out properly.

America should get rid of all damaging and harmful factors that have been poisoning it ever since Obama took office, so this problem has to be handled with precaution dedication and commitment,  something that Trump showed is able to do.

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