Don’t STOP Sharing This! LEAKED Video EXPOSES Michelle Obama’s White Hatred [WATCH] – USA Daily News 24

While this video may indeed be shocking to some, in truth Michelle Obama has always demonstrated at best ambivalence towards America, and perhaps by extension “white America”.

In a recent speech in front of the UN, she chose to highlight some of the negative things women face in the United States. In another speech at the historically black Tuskegee University in Alabama, she told the graduating students, “While we’ve come so far, the truth is that those age-old problems are stubborn, and they haven’t fully gone away.”

Apparently the “age old problems” she was referencing was her perception that white racism still exists, and of course her recent trip to Target, and her feeling of being discriminated by someone in the store.

In this latest video, Michelle claims that all black people have an inferiority complex. She then tells the black population that if they want to be “good African Americans” they should vote for her husband. She continues on to talk about the discrimination she has faced as a black person.

Obviously being First Lady still hasn’t helped Michelle with her inner demons, and so when an old video comes to light of a much younger Michelle going off into a racist rant about white folks, and then compared to her recent public speeches, nothing much seems to have changed, except perhaps to hide a little more affectively her racist attitude towards white America.


Don’t STOP Sharing This! LEAKED Video EXPOSES Michelle Obama’s White Hatred [WATCH]

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