GREAT JOB TUCKER CARLSON! He Just HUMILIATED Megyn Kelly in the Best Way Imaginable! – USA Daily News 24


Congratulations Tucker Carlson on your AMAZING achievement. All the media “gurus” said FOX was losing out big time when Megyn Kelly left,  but Tucker just shoved it back in their faces by DOUBLING her ratings!!

Measuring the same time frame from January 11 to 22, Carlson has garnered an average of 775,000 viewers, which nearly doubles Kelly’s 398,000, according to The Hill.

Not only that, but Tucker has seen a 95% increase in viewership over the Kelly Files at the same time as last year from the 25 to 50-year-old crowd.

Even more impressive is, according to the Neilsen company, Carlson averaged a 3 Million a night in his first week on air alone, up 10% from the 2.72 Million Megyn Kell averaged ALL of last year, and it was an election year!

pretty obvious why Tucker  is ahead. I mean just compare this:

to this:

No disrespect to Megyn, of course. We may not agree on everything, but she really was an impressive journalist. Now that having been said…TUCKER CARLSON IS A WAY BETTER INTERVIEWER!

That’s just a simple enough fact to see. Megyn always gave fairly straightforward interviews but was never very good at pushing for statements.

So, once again, Congrats to Tucker Carlson for kicking major ratings A$$. And to Megyn, have fun over at liberal NBC. It should be…interesting.

(H/T – Daily Mail)