Hijab-Wearing Mayor Issues DISGUSTING Threat To Minnesota Residents After Her Muslim Cop Kills White Woman


Over the weekend, a Somali Muslim cop was dispatched to the residence of Minneapolis woman Justine Damond who had placed a call for help after witnessing an assault in her neighborhood. But rather than helping Justine’s frantic help for assistance, Officer Mohamed Noor removed his body cam, and shot the woman in cold blood from his patrol car window. As the community of Minnesota demands answers and Noor refuses to answer any questions from law enforcement over the incident, Minnesota’s hijab-wearing mayor has just issued a disgusting threat to the very people who elected her into office, proving once again that Mayor Betsy Hodges is nothing more than a domestic terrorist and an enemy to the United States of America.

If you’re not adequately familiar with the disgusting antics of Mayor Betsy Hodges, here’s a quick recap. This Muslim-loving idiot has been instrumental in transforming the city of Minneapolis into a Sharia swamp ever since she got elected, where her eagerness to flood her city with Somali migrants has completely devastated the once thriving American city. White women are constantly threatened with rape and murder, as Sharia patrols are now popping up all over this Muslim-infested city. To make matters even worse for residents, Hodges recently set up an anti-blasphemy hotline in the city, so Muslim migrants could call in and report on any person “harassing” them, or speaking negatively about Islam.

Mayor Betsy Hodges snuggles with one of her Somali Muslim migrants

Now in the wake of one of her precious Muslim refugees murdering Justine Damond, Hodges has now done the unthinkable to the grieving community, by issuing a vile and disgusting threat against anyone exhibiting signs of “Islamophobia” following the unbelievable murder. Jihad Watch reports that rather than reaching out to the Justine Damond or decrying the actions of the Muslim police officer, Hodges is now warning Minneapolis residents against acting like bigots towards the Muslim community, while reinforcing the false premise that Muslims are the “victims” in this case, and that the “persecuted community” needs “special consideration” at this point in time.

An unnamed woman weeps at the make-shift memorial set up for Justine Damond.

Here’s the disgusting message she blasted out to all her precious refugees, where she encouraged them all to dial her anti-blasphemy hotline if they witnessed any “Islamophobia” occurring in the city.

Muslim-pandering moron and domestic terrorist Besty Hodges

“To the Somali community: I want you to know that you are a valued and appreciated part of Minneapolis. I stand with you and support you. The strength and beauty of the Somali and East African communities are a vital part of what makes Minneapolis so strong and beautiful. I am grateful to be your neighbor.

We cannot compound that tragedy by turning to racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. It is unjust and ridiculous to assert that an entire community be held responsible for the actions of one person. That will not be tolerated in Minneapolis. If you are experiencing discrimination, you can file a complaint at http://www.minneapolismn.gov/civil…/discrimination-complaint.”

This is absolutely disgusting that the first priority on Mayor Hodges’ agenda is making sure her precious Muslims don’t feel discriminated against, while making it out like THEY are the freaking victims in this case! But this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering that Hodges was instrumental in getting Mohamed Noor a job as a cop in the first place. In the weeks leading up to the vicious murder of Justine Damond, Hodges gushed about Officer Mohamed Noor on social media, propping the Muslim up as the poster boy for successful Muslim migration and assimilation into the city of Minneapolis.