HOLY WIKILEAKS! How The CIA Does HACKING ATTACKS To Look Like The Russians Did It: DISGUSTING! – USA Daily News 24


Boy, it looks like the CIA will do just about anything to make it look like the Russians did it! Or North Korea did it…or China…or Iran…!

According to what Wikileaks put out today, the CIA uses Marble software, which disguises viruses, trojans and hacking attacks.

The way it works is that the software the CIA uses makes it look like the language a hacker uses is, say, not American English, but Russian.  Then, whomever is investigating the hacking  wrongly concludes that the hack was done by a Russian!

Ya’ll, seriously now…our President is trying his best to CLEAN THE SWAMP of all this outrageous stuff our government has been getting away with, while we have been busy trying to WORK and RAISE OUR CHILDREN!

It’s not just our TV’s, smart phones and cars the CIA is tampering with, as WikiLeaks revealed earlier this month, but now we are learning that the CIA is messing with our minds, making us believe other countries are out to get us, when maybe it’s our OWN country!

Thank GOD we have President Donald Trump as our POTUS now!  He is going to stop these OUTRAGEOUS actions by our own government and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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