Humiliating Barack Obama Photo Leaks – Michelle Won’t Like This…


Rumors are circulating that Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage is in jeopardy this week after the former president was photographed without his wedding ring at an Alaska airport.

The American Mirror reported that Obama posed for a photo the baby of Alaska mom Jolene Jackinsky as he waited for his flight at Anchorage International Airport. The photo went viral immediately after Jackinsky posted it on Twitter.

“Oh my God, it is Obama”: Alaska mom, baby meet ex-president

— ABC News (@ABC) July 8, 2017

Twitter users immediately noticed that Obama was not wearing his ring.

“He doesn’t wear his ring anymore and Michelle is never around hmmm,” K.D. Cormican posted to Twitter.

“I wonder why he’s missing his wedding band,” Matt Carter added.

“Maybe he had too much sodium the day before” Sobey Smith-Roebollar replied.

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