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Trump is going up in the polls because he reach across and took millions of votes from democrats, and they are going nuts because of that.

After winning primaries with radical approach to various problems and political subjects, Trump this period opened doors for little more moderate approach to things, and many from the minorities jumped on his wagon.

That is very smart move, and not only are minorities the target, also are moderates who were thinking if they will vote for Trump if he change some of his stands on some issues, especially his hard stand against Latinos and Blacks, but now things are more smooth.

Trump is going to soften his tone also against moderate Muslims and Arabs, and they are over 2 million in US!

According to Patriot Journal:

“By “courting the minority vote,” most previous Republican presidential candidates and their highly paid handlers meant dutifully going to an NAACP meeting and being berated for a few hours. The result, year in and year out? The GOP loses out on a huge share of the vote.

As usual, Donald Trump has done something completely different, and it seems to be working. Instead of obediently seeking the approval of African American “leaders,” he turned down an invitation to their meeting and simply spoke his mind on “black issues,” on this own terms.

One lifelong conservative stalwart is calling his recent speech “a masterpiece.” Don’t miss out on the full, powerful video below.”

At WND, Joseph Farah writes:

In Milwaukee Tuesday night, Trump made a direct, undisguised and coherent bid to peel off a percentage of black votes that have gone uncontested for too long in presidential contests – notably those of Mitt Romney, John McCain, George W. Bush, Bob Dole and George H.W. Bush.

He did it without apology, without sounding patronizing, without compromising conservative principle and without fear of attacking Democrats where they are most vulnerable – in the results department. (…)

He attacked Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party for taking minorities for granted, exploiting them for political gain without improving their lives over the last 50 years.

“Farah was pleased to see Trump stop “winging it” on Twitter and instead speaking in a more disciplined, if no less forceful, fashion.

Indeed, one poll indicates that Trump’s approval among African-Americans has gone up since this speech.

It is only one survey, but still, it is a result that no other Republican candidate in recent memory ever achieved.

Trump is very bad in diplomacy and political PR, he do not like to lie the people and do not like to be very polite and to use some political false narrative so that he can be loved as soft political master, he is straight talker, no nice, no gloves, directly into your face, so that brought him a lot of enemies and haters, but he has a lot of time to fix that.”

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Just In: Donald Trump Just STOLE MILLIONS Of VOTES From The Democrats! Hillary’s Team Is GOING NUTS!

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