Melania Suddenly Takes Podium At Ohio Rally And Makes SHOCKING Announcement Before Trump Spoke


Melania Trump has been steadfast by her husband’s side, accompanying him on almost every trip he takes to show her unwavering support. We saw this as the pair traveled for nine days together on their first overseas trip and also on their second European tour recently. Now we’re seeing it again, this time stateside in Youngstown, Ohio where the first couple was greeted by an impressive crowd.

Not long after landing, President Donald Trump was preparing to take the podium to deliver a powerful message, when Melania stepped up to the microphone before him. That’s when she made a stunning announcement to the massive crowd before turning it back over to her husband, leaving everyone there with a message they will never forget.

An incredibly impressive-sized audience filled the area knowing that the Trumps would be taking the stage for their first time in a long time since he was there for campaign rallies. They weren’t prepared for what Melania had planned for them when she made a stunning admission from the podium followed by the shocking way the crowd received what she had to say.

Everyone in the room in Youngstown recognizes the difference that Trump has made in just his first six months of his time in office, which is why they arrived by the masses to show their support and appreciation on Tuesday. They began shouting “USA! USA!” shortly after Melania stepped up to the microphone with what she had to say.

With grace and elegance that we’ve come to know and love from Melania, she presented what she had to stay in a short and sweet, yet impactful manner. She wasn’t there to command the floor and drone on endlessly about herself, her achievements, and why she’s personally so great, like her predecessor Michelle Obama routinely did when offered the chance.

Instead, Melania expressed her personal feelings and gratitude for everyone in the room to say how much it means to her and the president to be in the heart of the country in a city full of citizens who support them. President Trump proudly stood by his wife’s side, showing his support of this amazing woman, in the same way that every other person in the room was.

USA Newsflash reports:

While President Donald Trump has made quite the name for himself for winning over massive crowds, First Lady Melania Trump has just demonstrated that she is not far behind in winning the hearts of millions as well. This Tuesday, the first family arrived in the Youngstown, Ohio, to hold speeches at a rally.

The president was joined by first lady Melania which immediately won over the attention of the photographers, donned in a gorgeous pink dress, topped off with her favorite accessory – shades, and flashing smiles around her.

But this time, Melania didn’t use her style, elegance and overall looks to win over the crowds, instead, she used her charisma and words to touch the hearts of the attendants. The FLOTUS went on to hold an opening speech for Trump.

For this first time in eight years, America has a first family which we can truly be proud of, who genuinely care about the people of this great nation which they consider an honor to represent. The Trumps love this country and rather than criticizing the foundation America was built on, trying to change it, and apologizing for it to those it offends, they respect what our forefathers created that made it the greatest nation in the world.

Melania is frequently questioned by her numerous liberal detractors about what she brings to the table in terms of a first lady. The characteristics and qualities she espouses in this role are invaluable. She represents the importance of women in this world who can be both powerful and graceful, which doesn’t require that them to be overbearing and loud if they don’t want to be. She listens more than she speaks.

She’s the poster citizen for proper immigration and the success one can have when going about this the right way – not the illegal way. Most importantly, she’s made motherhood and partnership with her husband great again. This is a forgotten morale which is often underestimated, but home is where heroes, respectable people, and solutions in society start.