Melania Trump Takes Down Libs Who Attacked Son… The Bull Is In The China Shop – USA Daily News 24

In the last few weeks, liberal attacks on President-elect Donald Trump have gotten personal—with social media trolls targeting his family and children.

It started with Rosie O’Donnell tweeting a YouTube video alleging that Donald and Melania’s 10-year-old son Barron was autistic. It’s clear that O’Donnell decided to attack the child in an effort to get the last word in. She has been publicly feuding with Trump for years now.

Now, Melania is using her high-powered attorney to demand that the video be taken down, and its creator be held accountable for his lies. James Hunter, who claims he made the video to stop bullying against Barron, says he is “scared” of the future First Lady.

The disgusting attacks on the Trump children do not stop there. Earlier this week, Ivanka Trump posted a photograph of her infant son to celebrate his eighth month of life. Liberals on Twitter went crazy on the future First Daughter, claiming she didn’t understand what a birthday was, and even calling her a “dipshit.”

What do you think? Is it time for Americans to start respecting the presidential family? This needs to stop NOW.