Michelle Obama HUMILIATED After These Two Pictures Someone Got A Hold Of Just Went Viral


Michelle Obama might be utterly humiliated after seeing these two images released next to each other. One image is Michelle and Barack. The other image is Melania and Donald. The two images are side by side to compare and contrast the way the women dressed during their tenure as the First Lady.

Michelle looks like a pack of brightly colored generic Life Savers from the dollar store. Melania looks like she’s dressed in fancy curtains, although much more classy than her opponent, Michelle. If I had to pick which woman wears it best, and looks more “Presidential” then I’m definitely saying Melania looks better. Michelle looks like she’s going to a picnic of a family reunion. Melania looks like she’s going somewhere important, and I’d like to think our country is important.

The photo comparing each woman has gone viral on social media and people are commenting on it like crazy. Most of the comments that we’ve read were in favor of Melania. If people really liked Michelle’s outfit, then we wouldn’t care. I’m a guy, so I don’t care what either of them wears, but apparently, there’s a lot of people who do.

In fact, some people care so much what the First Lady wears that they have actually boycott some designer brands because the brands support the President. Then there are companies who refuse to provide outfits for the First Lady because she’s connected to Donald Trump. Can you imagine being a million dollar company and being that petty that you refuse to provide clothes for the President’s wife? I would be right there with a closet filled with random outfits and all the free marketing I could get!

Dolce & Gabbana not only makes clothes for the First Lady but they also proudly show them off on their Instagram account for the world to see. As you can probably imagine, the Dems think that showing off the First Lady is the most offensive thing that has ever happened.

Everything is offensive to leftists. That’s part of the reason they lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump. People are tired of the leftists saying everything is offensive. I think offensive things are hilarious, so you can bet your bottom dollar I was one of the many people tired of the left.