One of the biggest supporters of the President has been his wife. Michelle Obama has done a lot for Obama. She has even agreed to campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

At a rally in Charlotte North Carolina, the First Lady went to speak to try and get voters to support the democratic presidential nominee. This is just the latest in a line of people actively campaigning for Clinton. However during her speech, she started talking about something that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

During her campaign stop, the First Lady was talking about trust and honesty. She argued that the people need to trust their president. Well, her attempt to make it seem like Donald Trump wasn’t fit to be president backfired. The most interesting comment of the night came from Obama herself. She made one more claim against Trump. She said, “We need someone who’s honest and plays by the rules.”

You’re kidding, right? This also shows that she believes her husband in honest in everything that he does.

You honestly believe that Clinton or your husband “plays by the rules?” There are so many things that completely contradict that statement itself! And yet Obama has the audacity to come out and make that statement.

Well, let’s go over some things that show that neither Clinton nor President Obama follows the rules like Michelle Obama claims.

First of all, President Obama isn’t trustworthy in the slightest. He has tried to undermine the Constitution a number of times. He has tried to grant citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants, and when the courts stopped him, he challenged them and took it to the Supreme Court.

Thankfully the Supreme Court shot down his appeal. But the fact that Obama has tried to increase the powers that the Constitution has given him isn’t trustworthy at all. If you throw in the fact that he admitted that he shouldn’t be doing this, then it shows that his actions should always be looked at suspiciously. Honest people don’t have to worry about that.

Then there was the issue that President Obama tried to block a bill that would have allowed people who have lost loved ones in terrorist attacks to finally get justice against the foreign countries that sponsored the attacks. When Congress passed it the first time, President Obama vetoed it immediately. Why would the leader of our country prevent people from obtaining justice? That just shows that he is trying to stick up for our enemies.

President Obama’s words can’t be trusted either. When he was trying to pay his respects to military members that fell in battle, the family members there said that he could come on the condition that he wouldn’t bring any members of the press. Obama agreed, but must have had his fingers crossed. Because the very next day at the funeral, Obama was there with members of the press.

Telling family members that you respect their wishes and then doing the complete opposite of something that they asked for isn’t honest. In fact that would be grounds to have Obama never trusted again. So for Michelle to say that the country needs someone that is honest like her husband is a slap in the face to those gold star families.

Clinton isn’t much better, either. There are a number of instances where her trustworthiness is held in question. What comes to mind immediately is the email scandals and the election fraud. Trustworthy people don’t delete classified emails or try to rig an election to automatically win. They would have followed the rules of what others asked them and not thought to do anything that would be considered illegal.

Clinton Isn’t Trustworthy Either. She Is Just As Bad As President Obama.

If she really were honest, then she wouldn’t have had to testify so many times, she wouldn’t have been caught lying by some hackers. And the fact that so many people claim that Clinton and President Obama are more honest than Trump is disturbing. It’s getting to the point where you can’t trust them on anything that they say.

These are just some examples that show that both President Obama and Clinton are not as trustworthy and honest as the First Lady makes them out to be. Again if they were honest, then absolutely none of these things would have happened and talked about.

Of course the First Lady and the other democrats attempt to say that Trump isn’t trustworthy. They keep attacking his tax returns. Except that Trump was following all the rules that the United States have set forward and took advantage of something that allowed him to pay less income tax. Everything was well within the rules. So for the First Lady to even assume that either of the two democrats is more honest than Trump is disturbing.

Right now, we need a leader who actually is trustworthy. And considering that the First Lady believes that both her husband and Clinton are honest means that we shouldn’t trust her judgement. The evidence is all right there.

Neither Of These People Are As Trustworthy As The First Lady Claims They Are

Share this article to show that the First Lady of the United States doesn’t seem to understand the difference between lying and being honest with the public. She seems to think that both President Obama and Clinton are honest people. Well the evidence speaks for itself.

Now there is a way to stop this. If you really want to end the corruption and the lying, we need to go out and vote for Trump. Otherwise if Clinton gets in, then we will see four more years of lying and the destruction of the United States.



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