SHOCK POLL – After Debate, Trump Instantly Surges to Lead In THESE 5 States – USA Daily News 24

Although liberals continue to claim Hillary won the debate and want to try to distort the facts, they need to realize people continue to show their support for Donald Trump instead. Polls in five battleground states are a good indicator of this.

Donald Trump now leads in Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, and North Carolina according to Real Clear Politics averages. 

Ohio is first and foremost a crucial state for any presidential candidate, because as goes Ohio so goes the nation. Since 1976, they have voted with the winning presidential candidate each and every time.

Colorado would also be important for Donald Trump because it would represent a state he literally steals from Democratic power. Although the state has a long history of voting Republican, it often has an independent nature and voted for Barack Obama as president twice.

Iowa has of course played a role in presidential politics for many years because of the fact the Iowa Caucus is the beginning of the presidential primary process. A general victory is made much easier with Iowa, and it would represent yet another steal for Donald Trump because it has voted Democratic in five of the last six races.

Like Ohio, Nevada is an important state for Trump because they have a tendency to vote with the winner.

Finally, North Carolina would be an awesome state for Donald Trump to win simply because it too would add to his electoral vote total and would make him that much more likely to win and become President of the United States.

The numbers detailed in this video show that Donald is the one who has the momentum, and not Hillary.

One lesson that can be learned from this would be the fact that even when the liberal spin machine is at its worst, the voters often indicate they will think independently of the press.

If these numbers hold up, Donald will be your next president.

SHOCK POLL – After Debate, Trump Instantly Surges to Lead In THESE 5 States

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