Somali Muslim In Minnesota Just Went On T.V. To Say They Can Kill Anyone They Want – BIG Mistake


The country is still in shock after a Somali Muslim immigrant police officer shot and killed an unarmed white woman in cold blood last weekend. The mainstream media refuses to cover this story adequately and liberal politicians around the country are still claiming that Islam is a religion of peace. However, Somali migrants in Minnesota just admitted that they can kill Americans anytime they want, and the reason why will give you chills.

Ami Horowitz is an amazing filmmaker who will go to great lengths to expose the truth that the media won’t tell you. Horowitz has received a lot of pushback after exposing the horrifying truth of the “no-go zones” in Sweden in one of his recent documentary films.

Now, Horowitz has hit the streets of Minnesota and what he discovered was telling. 

In the documentary, Horowitz walked the streets of Cedar Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN and spoke a number of Somali Muslim migrants. Horowitz asked men, teenagers, women, and boys on how they felt about living in America, and if they wanted to go back to Somalia. As a follow-up question, Horowitz also asked these Somali migrants if they would rather live under Sharia law or American laws.

Now, while many of those answers varied it was the answers near the end that truly were chilling. Horowitz asked these migrants how they felt about one of our protected rights of freedom of speech. One man that was interviewed spoke about how wonderful it was to be in America and to be afforded the right to free speech and religion. Many of the other Muslim men that were asked the same question agreed that freedom of speech was great, but not if it involved criticizing the prophet, Mohammed. Horowitz who is known to push the boundaries in his interviews asked these “peaceful” Muslims if it was alright to use violence against someone who disparaged or insulted Mohammed.

Every Muslim that was asked this believed that it was perfectly acceptable to use violence or kill someone who mocked Mohammed. Are you shocked by these answers?

This is why there needs to be a ban on accepting Muslim migrants, but liberal politicians will continue to push otherwise. For instance, in the state of Minnesota, the number of Somalis that have resettled there have tripled in the last four years, and, with Mayor Besty Hodges at the helm of Minneapolis that will only continue

In fact, Mayor Betsy Hodges has initiated a hiring policy in police departments that would prioritize the hiring of Somali Muslims. Of course, this is utter lunacy considering that more than 22 men have left the community in order to join the jihad in Syria, including ISIS. On top of that, last November nine men were sentenced on terror charges after they were discovered trying to join a terror group in Syria. Then, last Septemeber a Somali-migrant went on a stabbing rampage at the St. Cloud mall that injured 10 people before an officer shot him.

According to Star Tribune:

I’ve had more than one meeting with folks in the Somali community, and they are very eager to have more Somali police officers,” Hodges said. “And what I say is, ‘If we’re going to have more, you have to apply, and you have to ask people to apply.’ ”

Council Member Abdi Warsame, the city’s first Somali-American council member, shares Hodges concerns about the paucity of minority applications. “We need to look into why,” he said.

And like Hodges, Warsame said he thinks a racially diverse police force is important to improve relations between people of color and the department. “We don’t want to see anything like [Ferguson] happen in Minneapolis or Minnesota.”

Warsame welcomes Hodges’ push to get officers out of their cars more often. “The children and families in my ward have welcomed them,” he said of his 6th Ward, which centers on Cedar-Riverside. “It’s important to build rapport with the community.”

Also, these Somali migrants are draining the resources of the state’s public food assistance program which has doubled in the last five years. So, these people not only believe that they can come here and get on welfare, but can violently harm anyone who speaks out against them. I don’t think so, guys.

There was a time in the recent past that these Muslims may have been gotten away with this. However, we are in a new era where we do not have to cower to political correctness anymore. The American people are onto these Muslim migrants and are not going to allow this to continue much longer. For too long these Muslims have flooded into the country and have been allowed to use our very own laws against us to continue their jihad. Thanks, to President Trump and other strong conservative leaders we are pushing back against this and will put an end to this insanity.