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Ted Cruz

“It would not take that many to have an enormous impact on this election,” he said. He warned of the effect that staying home would have on judicial, Texas state representative and senate races, and other races in down-ballot elections.

The Texas senator and former GOP presidential candidate also cautioned about the impact outside of Texas saying the U.S. Senate was “hanging by a thread.” Cruz said, “Whatever happens, we need a check of a Republican Senate to check the executive and protect our liberty.” He created quite a reaction from the crowd, including loud Boos, when he raised the possibility of “Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.” Cruz urged everyone to come out and “defend the Constitution of the United States.”

When speaking of the race for president, he noted that three of the justices on the U.S. Supreme Court are quite advanced in years and the next president will have the opportunity to select the justices to replace them. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83-years-old, Justice Anthony Kennedy is 80, and Justice Stephen Breyer is 78-years-old.

Senator Cruz said that the Second Amendment, free speech, state’s rights, individual liberty, and U.S. sovereignty, hangs in the balance because of the presidential judicial appointment power. Other countries “are buying our nation” and want to take away our freedoms, he said. “Hillary Clinton is manifestly unfit to represent the United States,” he charged, and he delighted the crowd when he added, “I have some government housing in mind for her, but it’s a little smaller and has fewer windows.” Cruz never expressly mentioned the Republican presidential nominee.

“Daddy, are things back to normal?,” Cruz’s daughter Catherine asked her father when he was driving her to school after the presidential primary. He replied “I guess so” but told the crowd of his efforts to help his fellow senators in their elections, and of his fights for legislation and against the Obama Administration.

Cruz called President Obama’s “willful blindness” and ignoring of Islamic terrorists “dangerous.” He noted the purge of words like “jihad” and “Muslim Brotherhood” by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He said that the $1.7 billion dollars in unmarked cash to Iran was illegally funding terrorists with “our tax money.” He chastised the press for failing to hold the Obama administration accountable for funding terrorists who murder Europeans and others.

The freshman senator noted President Obama’s intention to turn the Internet over to a “community of stakeholders” which include foreign governments like China and Iran. He said the President and his administration is planning on September 30th to “basically turn it over to the U.N.” When he said he was working hard to prohibit the Obama Administration from giving over control of the Internet, someone in the crowd yelled, “Fight. Ted. Fight.” He also said he was working on a NASA authorization bill that would bring high-paying jobs to Texas and elsewhere.

Cruz was the keynote speaker at the Kingwood Tea Party’s “Constitution Day Celebration and Freedom Rally” in the Houston area city of Kingwood. The Kingwood Tea Party was one of the first organizations to back Cruz when he was running for the senate seat.

Senator Cruz called those gathered at the event celebrating the Constitution “fighters” and “warriors” and “principled men and women who love our country and “will crawl over broken glass to turn our country around.” He told them, “Thank you for standing up for truth because truth matters.”



Ted Cruz Warns Democrats Could Have ‘Massive Wins’ in Texas

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