Trump Met With Leaders Of China And Japan, Both Gave Trump Similar Stunning Review

After being elected Trump met with leaders in China and Japan. Many countries were worried about Donald Trump based on how the liberal media portrayed him to the world. However, once they got to talk to them they changed their minds.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met at Trump tower for 90 minutes and described it as a “very candid discussion.”

“I am very honored to see the President elect ahead of other world leaders,” he said before leaving for the meeting, “The Japan-US alliance is the axis of Japan’s diplomacy and security. The alliance becomes alive only when there is trust between us. I would like to build such a trust with Mr. Trump,” he said.

Trump also engaged in a phone call with the President of China, Xi Jinping. They also had a very productive conversation.

The Chinese Newspaper Global Times described the conversation as “diplomatically impeccable and has bolstered optimism over bilateral relations in the next four years. Trump is probably the very American leader who will make strides in reshaping major-power relations in a pragmatic manner,” it said. Trump just started and look at what he has accomplished.