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Donald Trump

Donald Trump hammered Hillary Clinton on her failed record right out of the gate. As Hillary smirked and nodded her head repeatedly, attempting to condescend to Trump, he asked her the one question she was surely dreading being uttered on the stage.

“You’ve been doing this for 30 years. Why are you just thinking about the solutions right now?” – Trump asked Clinton – who dodged and weaved like a champion boxer.

Liberal fact-checkers eager to catch Donald Trump in a lie or error, won’t like what they find when reviewing Hillary’s record while accepting a taxpayer-funded paycheck after being sent to Congress as a change agent.

Hillary Clinton only passed THREE bills which became law while serving as a New York Senator.

One of Hillary’s biggest accomplishment while spending eight years in Congress, was renaming a a road.

S.3145 was a bill to rename a portion of U.S. Route 20A in Orchard Park, New York as the “Timothy J. Russert Highway.

Hillary apparently likes renaming things, her second contribution to America while serving as a Senator also involved with repainting a few signs.

The bill to designate a USPS facility at 2951 New York Highway 43 in Averill Park, New York, as the “Major George Quamo Post Office Building,” was also a sponsored by Hillary.

The final Hillary Clinton bill which was actually passed was S.121 the Kate Mullany National Historic Site Act.

According to a report by the Independent Journal Review, Hillary Clinton sponsored a grant total of 713 bills while she served as Senator, but only three insignificant pieces of legislation were supported by her peers.

Where are all the bills to help spur the economy, advance women’s rights, improve the lives of children, or to help increase national security?

Trump Takes the Stage, INSTANTLY Destroys Hillary With 1 Powerful Question

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