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If you are unwilling to name the enemy that has vowed to kill Americans and destroy our way of life, you are not fit to hold the office of president of the United States. Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton appear capable of putting American lives and national security above their love of political correctness—even when faced with some shocking information about the radical Muslim terrorist who stabbed ten American citizens in a Minnesota mall.

Dahir Adan, the Somali Muslim man who stabbed ten people at the St. Cloud mall over the weekend, was one of Obama and Hillary’s beloved Syrian refugees

Meet Jason Falconer the hero who killed the POS terrorist Dahir Adan in the #Minnesota mall. Thankful for your service!🇺🇸💙 St. Cloud #MAGA pic.twitter.com/eSmUacz4dd

— Erika #AmericaFirst (@ms_erika74) September 19, 2016

Adan shouted “Allah Akbar” and asked at least some of his victims if they were Muslim before stabbing them, Freedom Daily reports.

As Obama cracked jokes about ISIS, Adan was stabbing Americans and another naturalized Muslim citizen was hiding bombs in New York City and in New Jersey, and trying to kill We the People at random.

 When news of the Minnesota mall stabbing went viral, ISIS quickly took credit for the attack, proclaiming Dahir Adan a “soldier” of the caliphate.

Off-duty police officer Jason Falconer did what any good guy with a gun would try to do—stop a bad guy with a weapon.

Falconer, a true patriot, has long been a concealed carry advocate and is a firearms instructor.

The 22-year-old radical Islamic terrorist was a junior at St. Cloud State University and worked as a part-time private security officer.

The Somali refugee reportedly had a high GPA and had no criminal record or history of violence.

They walk among us folks, everyday, in more and more communities, and they can easily walk across the border and quietly wait for an opportunity to strike.

Donald Trump wants to temporarily halt the “resettlement” of any more refugees in the United States until the FBI and DHS are confident in the vetting process, which they currently are not.

Hillary Clinton, in sharp contrast, wants to allow tens of thousands more Muslim refugees onto American soil—and feels justified in calling those who fear her vow to continue Obama’s policy racist, Islamophobic, and, oh yeah, a “basket of deplorables.”

What Was Just EXPOSED About the Mall Terrorist Could Change The Entire Election

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