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Egyptian trendsetters bring their popular content exclusively to El Saha

Egyptian trendsetters bring their popular content exclusively to El Saha

Egyptian trendsetters bring their popular content exclusively to El Saha

September 5, 2023

The Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc. (MBN) is partnering with prominent Egyptian social media influencers, who will post their content on the MBN Egypt-centric digital platform El Saha. Aya Shoaib and Hady Bassiony will each bring a heightened version of their popular digital programs to El Saha’s Facebook page for an exclusive limited series.

Aya Shoaib is an award-winning writer who bravely documented her struggles with depression in the book “Black Peace.” She also shares her insights on mental health with hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers. On Sept. 7th, Shoaib will post an updated version of her popular series Peace Zone exclusively on El Saha. This weekly digital program brings together those who have experienced mental health issues to reduce stigma by creating better understanding. Topics will include recovered addicts and the shame they experience, reality detachment, mental healing and recovery. Through Peace Zone, Shoaib aims to help people by showing them they are not alone.

Hady Bassiony is a satirical filmmaker and YouTuber. He will produce special episodes of his popular series The Final Revision for El Saha starting Sept. 8th. Each week Bassiony shares his distinctive insights into pop culture. Final Revision will address topics including how movies and TV shows impact tourism at the filming location, making it highly desirable for economically challenged countries. He will also examine the importance Al Ahly, one of the oldest sports clubs in Egypt, has had on the community and Egypt. The Final Revision will bring insights into many different “trending” or popular topics in cinema, sports and the arts.

“I am very excited about the El Saha collaboration with Aya and Hady. Their digital shows are an excellent fit with El Saha’s unique content from throughout Egypt. This partnership will bring younger audiences to El Saha and expose them to its award-winning content; while also conveying new voices to El Saha’s viewers,” stated MBN Acting President Hassan Shwiki. MBN manages and oversees El Saha.

The video series can also be found on ElSaha.com. Launched in 2018, ElSaha.com is MBN’s Egypt-focused digital platform with reporting that goes beyond news events to tell humanitarian stories that impact Egyptians. El Saha content has been recognized over the years, winning multiple prizes at the Webby Awards, Telly Awards, New York Festival Television and Film Awards, Cannes Corporate Media and Television Awards and the Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists.

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