April 24, 2024

First Boston Lunar New Year Festival Gala Held at Boston City Hall, Marking a Millestone for Asian Community in Boston

First Boston Lunar New Year Festival Gala Held at Boston City Hall, Marking a Millestone for Asian Community in Boston

Boston Lunar New Year Festival Gala held at Boston City Hall

Gary Yu

Gary Yu and Governor of Massachusetts Maura Healey

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Boston’s first Lunar New Year Gala at City Hall on Feb 10, 2024, united cultures and celebrated Asian heritage, marking a historic moment for the city.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — On February 10, 2024, the inaugural Boston Lunar New Year Festival Gala was successfully held at Boston City Hall, marking a significant milestone in the celebration of the Lunar New Year and holding profound implications for the Asian community in Massachusetts and Boston.

For the first time, Boston City Hall was illuminated inside and out in the vibrant redl, a symbol of unity between the city government and the Asian community through the festive lights.

This event was not just a celebration but a historic occasion backed by unconditional support and collaboration from various groups: generous backing from over ten sponsors led by meticulous planning by more than twenty members of the organizing committee, splendid performances by over 200 actors, and the hard work of nearly a hundred volunteers, ensuring the gala’s success.

Gary Yu, the initiator and chairman of the Boston Lunar New Year Festival Gala Committee, expressed special thanks to Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, former Boston Council President Ed Flynn, Governor Maura Healey, and the concerted efforts of organizations like NECAA, UCA, and APAPA. Their support enabled Boston to officially celebrate the Lunar New Year for the first time, recognizing Asian culture.

Since the successful initiative on February 15 last year to make the Lunar New Year a legal holiday in Boston, Gary has been dedicated to maximizing the celebration of our Lunar New Year under the non-holiday condition. Through continuous communication and discussion, and especially with the strong support of Mayor Michelle Wu, the first Boston Lunar New Year Festival Gala received official endorsement and was born, stunning the city.

The honor and historical significance of hosting the Boston Lunar New Year Gala are evident, underscoring the importance of the Lunar New Year in Massachusetts and Boston. General Planner Liying Kuang noted the unique challenges posed by Boston City Hall’s structure. By using a non-traditional stage that allowed for face-to-face interactions and even direct conversations with performers, the immersive performance significantly differed from traditional shows by transforming the audience from passive observers to active co-creators.

This groundbreaking use of immersive performance, demonstrated through modules like shopping for New Year goods, decorating homes, reunion dinners, watching the Lunar New Year Festival Gala together, and greeting the New Year, showcased the traditions and significance of the Lunar New Year to a diverse audience.

Gary highlighted the collective effort and support from significant figures and organizations, which was crucial in officially celebrating the Lunar New Year and acknowledging Asian culture in Boston.

The gala attracted attention from various sectors, with many dignitaries extending their blessings. The success of the event owed much to the participation of over 200 performers, including the young Zither musician Le Liu from Beijing, music professor Ge Wang who changed flights for the event, and renowned cellist Professor Yibing Zhu who joined forces with his student Ouyang Nana, all showcasing their love for this traditional festival.

The event opened with performances by the Boston Chinese Musicians Association’s East-West Orchestra and the Boston Music Association Choir’s rendition of the classic song “Jasmine Flower,” officially starting the gala. The event drew a large Asian community audience, who had the opportunity to appreciate the cultural performances of other ethnic groups, such as Korean fan dances and Indian song performances.

The gala concluded perfectly with the performance of “Home and Everything Prospering.” The invaluable efforts of countless volunteers, who worked from dawn till dusk preparing for the event, played a significant role. Behind these efforts was the wisdom and strength of the Asian community.

With the conclusion of Boston’s first Lunar New Year Festival Gala, the organizing committee extends deep gratitude to all participants and volunteers for their selfless dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work, which collectively made this celebration a splendid success.

This event was not only Boston’s first official Lunar New Year celebration as a legal holiday but also marked a historic moment declared by the Governor as Massachusetts Lunar New Year Day, carrying significant and far-reaching implications.

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