May 24, 2024

Kingdom of the Netherlands National Day

Kingdom of the Netherlands National Day

On behalf of the United States of America, I congratulate the people of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on Koningsdag.

The Netherlands extended the first international salute to the flag of our newly independent nation in 1776, recognizing a shared commitment to democratic principles, individual freedom, and human rights that continues today. The enduring relationship between the United States and the Netherlands powers our ability to collaborate in many areas to improve the lives of people everywhere. We are proud of our shared work to strengthen democracy and defend media freedom, notably through cohosting events during last month’s Summit for Democracy. We are also working together to ensure emerging technologies develop in alignment with our shared values.

Our nations have come together to support the people of Ukraine against Russia’s unjustified and brutal war. As founding members of NATO, we stand side-by-side to protect freedom in the face of authoritarian threats.

The people of the United States and the Netherlands will continue to work together and innovate to overcome global challenges. I look forward to creating a secure, sustainable, and prosperous future for our citizens.

Best wishes to the people of Netherlands. Fijne Koningsdag!

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