July 21, 2024

Leadership Academy: Profound Impacts to Agencies

Leadership Academy: Profound Impacts to Agencies

Glynco, Ga. – Sheriff Dan Hartwig, a law enforcement veteran with 26 years of service, including 6 years as sheriff in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, underscores the significance of fostering a growth mindset and cultivating strong professional relationships to achieve excellence in the field. Reflecting on his recent participation in the Department of Homeland Security Leadership Academy (DHSLA) in session 16, in 2023, Sheriff Hartwig returned as a mentor for session 19, he highlights the profound impact of the program on his leadership skills and the valuable connections DHSLA participants establish with law enforcement colleagues nationwide.

Immersed in the rich learning environment at FLETC in Glynco, Georgia, Sheriff Hartwig explained he experienced engagement with top-tier instructors and expert classes. The DHSLA not only elevated his leadership ability but also honed his critical decision-making expertise, enhancing his ability to navigate complex law enforcement challenges with confidence and foresight. Furthermore, the academy provides access to a diverse array of training resources that offer tangible benefits for enhancing the operational effectiveness of local law enforcement agencies.

When asked if he would recommend DHSLA, Sheriff Hartwig responded with, “Absolutely, I would highly recommend the Department of Homeland Security Leadership Academy to others, particularly to local law enforcement leaders seeking to enhance their skills in various critical areas.”

His involvement in Physical Security Assessment Training post-academy empowered him to enhance security measures at local sites, benefiting schools and places of worship in his community.
“Attending the DHLA at FLETC was truly eye-opening. The caliber of instruction and depth of expertise by the instructors left me impressed. This experience not only enhanced my leadership skills but also my decision-making abilities. Moreover, it unveiled a treasure trove of training resources that are available for local law enforcement.” Sheriff Hartwig exclaimed.

In his role, Sheriff Hartwig acknowledges the privilege he has in directly impacting the lives of those in his hometown community. Attending the DHSLA has not only spurred his personal and professional growth but has also provided valuable leadership skills and strategies to bolster the safety and well-being of the community he serves. He views the opportunity to participate in the program as a blessing, recognizing the potential it holds to bring back fresh insights and resources that will benefit both his community and his dedicated staff. Through the knowledge and tools acquired at the DHSLA, Sheriff Hartwig is committed to driving positive and lasting improvements that will continue to uplift his community and ensure its well-being.

State, Local and Tribal Division resources are accessible across five regions, strengthening partnerships and enhancing the capabilities of law enforcement agencies nationwide, contact your FLETC regional coordinator. For more information on these programs and to stay updated on the latest initiatives, visit https://www.fletc.gov/state-local-tribal-law-enforcement-training.
The DHSLA remains committed to fortifying partnerships and empowering law enforcement leaders to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Originally published at https://www.fletc.gov/leadership-academy-profound-impacts-agencies