July 21, 2024

Leadership Academy: The Transformative Power of Training

Leadership Academy: The Transformative Power of Training

Glynco, Ga. — In a testament to the transformative power of training, Chief Dameon R. Carter Sr. MSM, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, and serving as the Coppin State University Chief of Police Director of Public Safety, participated in the Department of Homeland Leadership Academy (DHSLA), from April 22 to May 3, attests to the invaluable role of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) in shaping his leadership journey. With 30 years dedicated to law enforcement, including service in the United States Marine Corps, Chief Carter highlights FLETC as the fertile ground where leadership qualities are nurtured and refined.

Chief Carter underscores the unique value of DHSLA, offering focused, intensive training tailored for leadership. When asked about his recommendation for DHSLA, Chief Carter advocated for by expressing his intent to send a member of his Executive Command Staff. 

“This program has earned a new partner and advocate, and I will be encouraging my colleagues to take part in this one-of-a-kind program,” said Chief Carter.
He describes DHSLA not only as a network of professionals but also as a reservoir of innovative ideas and best practices, essential for advancing the Coppin State Police Department and fostering enduring partnerships in the field of public safety.

Chief Carter recalled his journey with FLETC began with courses like the FLETC Physical Security Training Program (PSTP) export course, emphasizing the critical role of physical security in safeguarding people, mission-critical venues, and controlling property access. He explains the core principles of security theory, emphasizing the needs for detection, recognition, and identification, as all vital components of effective security frameworks.

A conversation with Phillip Wright, FLETC’s State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement Training, Regional Coordinator, during his PSTP export course led to Chief’s Carter’s enrollment for DHSLA. Recognizing the mutual benefits of such training for his department and community, DHSLA emerged as a natural progression in Chief Carter’s leadership journey.

His endorsement of the Department of Homeland Security Leadership Academy (DHSLA) underscores its pivotal role in shaping leaders. He speaks highly of his initial experiences, highlighting the diverse leaders from around the globe exchanging and challenging ideas, while fostering a culture of learning and collaboration. Such interactions, Chief Carter believes, not only enrich individual leadership wisdom but also contribute to the evolution of public safety as a profession.

His commitment to public safety extends beyond the confines of his professional role. As the Assistant Director of Public Safety for Mt. Zion Church of Aberdeen, he applied FLETC-acquired skills to develop a robust security plan for the church’s new premises. Through electronic access control, multi-tiered security zones, and comprehensive camera surveillance, Chief Carter transformed the church into a haven for the community.

Chief Dameon R. Carter Sr. MSM stands as a testament to the associated relationship between leadership cultivation and specialized training. Through FLETC and now DHSLA, Chief Carter exemplifies how investing in leadership development yields dividends not only for individuals but for entire communities served by dedicated public safety professionals.

“In life I have learned that Leaders are born but Leadership is cultivated. FLETC and their training has proven to be great place to seed, water and harvest those leadership qualities,” said Chief Carter.

Originally published at https://www.fletc.gov/leadership-academy-transformative-power-training