July 21, 2024

Neurodivergent Leaders Find a Voice at Davos to Make the World Economic Forum Accessible to All

Dr. Dunne leading a meeting of global neurodivergent leaders during WEF

DAVOS, Switzerland, January 27, 2024 (Newswire.com)

A newly formed advocacy g…

Neurodivergent Leaders Find a Voice at Davos to Make the World Economic Forum Accessible to All

A newly formed advocacy group called "Neurodivergent and Neurodistinct Leaders in Davos" is proud to announce the following: Last week in Davos at the World Economic Forum ’24, the main theme was about rebuilding trust in an increasingly polarized world with a focus on the acceleration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into every facet of our lives, the skills of the future, climate change, and increasingly complex social problems that will define the 21st century.

One neurodivergent leader, Dr. Maureen Dunne, set out to drive change at the event. Dr. Maureen Dunne represented the neurodivergent community in Davos as a speaker on several panels and events, including Top Tier Impact’s panel on Conscious Leadership as well as key speaking roles at events such as the World Economic Forum Social Impact Investor gathering.

Recognizing the importance of establishing opportunities for other neurodivergent leaders to contribute to the conversation, Dunne started the “Neurodivergent and Neurodistinct Leaders in Davos” group, teaming up with Silvan Ruthenberg, Global Head, Institute of Neurodiversity, and Denise Brodey, Senior Contributor at Forbes.

Their goal: To make the conversation more accessible by leading the first-ever hybrid panel discussion mirroring some of the topics and themes of WEF ’24.

Following Dr. Dunne’s panel on Conscious Leadership, the first kickoff meeting took place from the Swiss Alps where neurodivergent leaders around the world logged in remotely to contribute to the conversation. Silvan Ruthenberg and the Institute of Neurodiversity helped spread the word, and the first meeting was met with excitement: finally, there is a forum where neurodivergent people can contribute to the conversation.

“This perspective must reach the mainstream zeitgeist,” noted Dr. Dunne. “So many organizations can benefit from more cognitive diversity and universal design, and so many neurodivergent people have been left out of the equation. This message is finally starting to resonate with business leaders. We need to get this right. It opens up so much potential for everyone.”

Throughout the week, Maureen represented the community in Davos and displayed a hand-drawn sign that read, "Neurodiversity is Welcome Here." During WEF, she also formed small groups of neurodivergent leaders and, collectively, they found their own voice by meeting in quiet areas in the Swiss Alps to discuss the major themes being presented in Davos. She documented spaces at Davos that are sensory-friendly and created vehicles for participation. The group is working on a report on how the Davos experience can be more accessible. 

"I see future generations as being the most triumphant about their differences," remarked Brodey. "They have been taught, often early on, that they are not disabled but different."  

Dunne added, "Creating opportunities to make the Davos experience more accessible so that neurodivergent leaders can contribute to shaping the global conversation, even remotely, is a great start. Many conversations happening in Davos are focused on the big global problems we need to solve. Neuroinclusion and valuing all kinds of minds is vital and must be a priority for our collective future."

Ruthenberg put it this way, paraphrasing Confucius: "The one who moves mountains starts by carrying small stones."

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