April 23, 2024

One-Year Anniversary of the Yemen Truce’s Commencement

One-Year Anniversary of the Yemen Truce’s Commencement

Today marks one year since the UN-meditated truce in Yemen began and initiated the longest period of calm since the war started. For one year, Yemenis have benefitted from a halt to airstrikes, regular civilian flights from Sana’a airport, enhanced and unrestricted humanitarian and food assistance, and the increased flow of fuel to northern Yemen. The UN-led truce and U.S.-facilitated diplomacy have largely stopped the fighting, saving thousands of civilian lives; nevertheless, the United States recognizes that the truce was only the first step toward a comprehensive, Yemeni-Yemeni political process and a durable resolution to the conflict.

The truce has paved the way for intensive dialogue on a more comprehensive agreement, and the recent deal to release almost 900 detainees from all sides of the Yemen conflict represents another important step forward. The United States welcomes the efforts of regional partners, including Saudi Arabia and Oman, to advance peace efforts. We remain seriously concerned, however, about Houthi actions that threaten this extraordinary progress and exacerbate the suffering of Yemenis, such as recent attacks in Taiz and Marib and on Yemen’s oil exports. We call on the Houthis to foreswear such actions and pursue a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The truce has also improved the delivery of humanitarian and economic assistance. The United States remains the largest donor and has pledged $444 million so far in 2023. We welcome support from partners, including Saudi Arabia’s recent $1 billion deposit for the Central Bank of Yemen. More assistance is needed for the Yemeni people, and we urgently call on donors to build on the progress on the ground and close the assistance funding gap.

As we continue to support diplomacy to de-escalate tensions wherever possible in the Middle East, the United States is also focused intensively on defending our partners, particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE, from Iranian-enabled attacks.

Yemen – today – has an unprecedented opportunity for peace. We urge the parties to seize this opportunity to create a brighter future for Yemenis.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/one-year-anniversary-of-the-yemen-truces-commencement/