April 23, 2024

San Diego Comic-Con celebs superheroes Heroines

San Diego Comic-Con celebs superheroes Heroines

After holding the first Heroines Christmas parade event and establishing the superhero project in Florida, the group appeared in the world-famous San Diego Comic-Con, establishing themselves on the West Coast. 

The superhero project Heroines consists of Victoria Unikel (Exorcist), and Aliia Roza (Roza Spy). Aliia Roza has made a name for herself in the real world in undercover espionage, fighting drug and human trafficking, and now fights against all evil and repression of the human spirit. The project Heroines is now being developed for print release and for motion picture entertainment development.

Victoria Unikel, having established the brand Exorcist in 2007 previously published her debut comic book of the same name on Amazon’s comiXology, is a project now actively pursuing a version of this superhero for the big screen or television networks. Victoria is the head of 24Fashion TV and Gossip Stone TV channels, as well as VUGA Enterprises, a distribution and PR company with a network of over 50 online news publications that receives 3.7M unique monthly visitors. 

Their message, part of their platform of fighting tyranny and evil around the world, is to stop the war in Ukraine that is being waged by Russia, apparently motivated by dark powers that have enveloped the Kremlin and have even released tyranny on its own subjects. Freedom is a universal truth and it will come to all peoples who have decided to embrace it. Ukraine has done so, and that means that they will prevail, no matter the cost.

Appearing with them at the San Diego Comic-con for the first time is The Ukrainian Avenger, who scours the lands of Ukraine to demilitarize the invaders by any means necessary.