June 14, 2024

Successful Survivors Foundation and Foster Focus Magazine Announce Groundbreaking Partnership

Successful Survivors Foundation and Foster Focus Magazine Announce Groundbreaking Partnership

Two Survivor-Led Organizations Join Forces to Amplify the Voices of Child Abuse Survivors

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Successful Survivors Foundation and Foster Focus Magazine are proud to announce their new partnership aimed at bringing real lived experiences to the forefront of the conversation about child abuse and its long-term impacts. This collaboration will provide a platform for adult survivors of childhood trauma of all demographics to share their stories, shedding light on the risks and realities faced by adult victims of child abuse and, importantly, highlighting the paths to healing and successful living.

Both organizations were founded by former foster children who used their experiences to create platforms that could contribute to the mission of helping victims of child abuse. Chris Chmielewski, founder of Foster Focus Magazine, began his career as a writer and publisher after covering a local fire at the age of 15. Rhonda Sciortino, left the child welfare system at 16 with a job in an insurance agency. That first job launched a 40-year career in insurance. She found her purpose at the intersection of her passion for protecting children and her understanding of risk management. After 30 years of analyzing how kids and caregivers get injured or killed, Rhonda launched Successful Survivors Foundation to help other survivors of abuse create their uniquely successful lives.

“Foster Focus Magazine and Successful Survivors Foundation shine a light on two polar opposite pathways out of the pain of child mistreatment and foster care,” says Rhonda Sciortino. “The first pathway is a heartbreaking pipeline to a life of depression and desperation that often includes homelessness, substance abuse, crime, incarceration, and forced slavery in the world of human trafficking. The second pathway, not talked about often enough, is the pathway to personal and professional success that countless survivors have found. Successful survivors of child mistreatment are everywhere in every industry and are making a positive and powerful contribution to the world. In our partnership, we hope to create space for the discussion around how to guide more survivors toward the path to success.”

The partnership will encourage collaboration and cooperation, bringing together thought leaders and change-makers to encourage innovations and evaluate promising practices. They look forward to hosting conferences and creating spaces where everyone, especially victims of child abuse, can share their suggestions for improvements to the system, their advice to prospective foster and adoptive parents, and their needs of mental health and other professionals.

“I am excited about the possibilities this partnership will bring. I look forward to working side by side with my business mentor and friend Rhonda Sciortino. Overjoyed to be able to have a hands-on impact in the world of foster care after covering the issue with Foster Focus magazine for the last decade.,” says Chris Chmielewski, founder and publisher of Foster Focus Magazine.

The public is encouraged to check out Foster Focus Magazine at www.fosterfocusmag.com and join the conversation at Successful Survivors Foundation at www.successfulsurvivors.org/join. Whether you’re a survivor of childhood abuse or an ally, your voice matters and should be heard.

For media inquiries, please contact Rhonda Sciortino at (949) 689-5611 or visit www.successfulsurvivors.org.

About Successful Survivors Foundation: Successful Survivors Foundation is a survivor-led 501c3 nonprofit organization that aims to help survivors of abuse create their uniquely successful lives.

About Foster Focus Magazine: Foster Focus Magazine is a quarterly free online magazine dealing exclusively with everything related to foster care. It provides an in-depth view of foster care and is the go-to source of foster care news and information.

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