June 14, 2024

The 9th Anniversary of the Yezidi Genocide

The 9th Anniversary of the Yezidi Genocide

Today we remember the victims and stand in solidarity with survivors of the Yezidi genocide perpetrated by ISIS terrorists. ISIS abducted and killed thousands of Yezidis, forcing boys to become child soldiers and selling women and girls into sexual slavery. The number of people killed remains unknown, and discoveries of mass graves continue. The scars of that experience are borne by Yezidis around the world to this day.

Our support for the Yezidi community is unwavering. As we reflect on this day, we continue to press for justice and accountability for victims and survivors and respect for the human rights of all Yezidis, including the freedom of religion or belief. We urge full implementation of the Yezidi Survivors’ Law, as well as the 2020 Sinjar Agreement, in consultation with the communities that call Sinjar home. Governance and security officials should reflect the diversity of the communities that they serve.

By pursuing justice and accountability, addressing the drivers of violence, and preventing genocide and other atrocities in the future, Iraq has the opportunity to embark on a new path that leads to greater peace, stability, and prosperity for all of its communities. With this approach, Iraq can serve as an example of mutual respect and coexistence for the region and the world. Yezidis are crucial in this effort. So while we keep alive the memory of the victims and recognize the survivors and their suffering, we also honor the strength, resilience, and determination of Yezidis.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/the-9th-anniversary-of-the-yezidi-genocide/