December 2, 2023

Under Secretary Fernandez’s Travel to Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, and the UK

Under Secretary Fernandez’s Travel to Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, and the UK

Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Jose W. Fernandez is traveling to Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, and the United Kingdom until June 9, 2023, to deepen transatlantic cooperation on key economic growth and security priorities. This includes a wide range of policy areas such as trade, technology, climate, energy, and food security, and sustained support for Ukraine in economic recovery and reconstruction efforts.

In Luleå, Sweden, May 29-31, Under Secretary Fernandez is joining Secretary Blinken for the fourth Trade and Technology Council (TTC) meeting, where he will support U.S.-E.U. policy alignment on technology standards, global trade, and supply chain security, deepen Transatlantic cooperation on a global clean tech transition, hold Russia accountable for its brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, and garner continued support for Ukraine.

Under Secretary Fernandez will visit Stockholm, Sweden, on June 1 to engage with U.S. and Swedish businesses on securing critical minerals supply chains and mitigating effects of the climate crisis.  He will also meet with Swedish officials to reaffirm our commitment to the Arctic and support Norway’s Chairship of the Arctic Council.

On June 2 in Oslo, Norway, the Under Secretary will discuss U.S. economic policy, support for Ukraine recovery, and efforts to strengthen supply chains with Norwegian businesses.  He will also meet with government officials to promote Norway’s priorities for the Arctic Council, ensuring peaceful cooperation in the Arctic and continuing the important technical work of the Council.

In Helsinki, Finland, June 4-5, Under Secretary Fernandez will continue to deepen cooperation with the Nordics and garner support for key Transatlantic economic priorities.  He will meet with government and business to discuss opportunities to advance a clean energy supply chain ecosystem with a strong energy industrial base that promotes jobs and prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.

Under Secretary Fernandez will then travel to Paris, France to participate in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) meetings, including the 15th International Economic Forum on Latin America and Caribbean, the 2023 Meeting of the OECD Council at the Ministerial Level, and the inaugural event of the OECD Global Forum on Technology, June 6-7.  Through these meetings, the United States is prioritizing comprehensive, multi-stakeholder dialogues on key economic policy topics, including building a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous future; supporting regional environmental and investment sustainability; and fostering forward-looking, strategic discussions on emerging technology governance, in particular with emerging economies.

On June 8-9, the Under Secretary will travel to London, United Kingdom, to meet government counterparts to continue collaboration on economic security issues and the urgent challenges caused by Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

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