June 20, 2024

Mental Health Assessment App Launched for Displaced Ukrainians in the United Kingdom

Mental Health Assessment App Launched for Displaced Ukrainians in the United Kingdom

Health Tech Without Borders, in partnership with Sora Union and Mindstep, has launched a free mental health application for displaced Ukrainians in the UK

HTWB is proud to contribute to developing the “Mindstep for Ukraine” project, which will enable users to have the tools to improve their mental health”

— Olga Gershuni, HTWB Nursing & Mental Health Program Director

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Health Tech Without Borders, Inc. (HTWB), in collaboration with Sora Union and Mindstep, proudly launches a free mental health app for displaced people from Ukraine, living in the United Kingdom (UK).

“Mindstep for Ukraine” provides UK-based Ukrainians with access to gold-standard assessments and tools for neurological and mental health conditions. To enhance effectiveness, the teams encourage users to sign up, play a pivotal role in refining the app, and contribute critical insights into neurological conditions.

Globally, displaced people face unique challenges and barriers to accessing comprehensive healthcare and mental health services. This includes difficulties navigating unfamiliar community services, language barriers, limited understanding of government assistance, and fear of being judged when asking for help. In response to these challenges, HTWB is actively seeking support to expand the reach of “Mindstep for Ukraine” to all Ukrainians, addressing the widespread impact of displacement and conflict. Experiences of displacement, conflict, and uncertainty can significantly exacerbate healthcare and mental health needs, increasing the need for health and well-being support. Mindstep for Ukraine addresses population and location-specific challenges. By efficiently providing this support, it contributes to local communities, ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to flourish and make positive contributions to society regardless of their circumstances.

Leveraging MedTech, the collaboration bridges gaps in accessing medical care. Transcending borders, these innovative practices highlight how technology can be harnessed to provide professional help directly to displaced populations, thereby removing obstacles and fostering a global community. With Mindstep’s technology and innovative approach, Ukrainian localization expertise provided by Sora Union, and invaluable contextual and clinical guidance from HTWB, Mindstep’s blueprint has been redeveloped to deliver an additional, translated version of the app. The offering has been uniquely tailored to ensure it is population-appropriate and specific, culturally tailored, and based on a trauma-informed approach. “Mindstep for Ukraine” offers a self-guided digital intervention that opens the door to improved mental health and well-being.

“This app aims to provide the necessary tools to assess, support, and regulate different aspects of mental health in displaced Ukrainians. To achieve these goals, HTWB has offered its first-hand knowledge in language-specific and language-appropriate use of terminology and the app’s clinical development in the context of refugee-specific mental health problems, with the lenses of trauma-informed mental health care,” said Eva Regel, HTWB Clinical Director for Helping Healers Heal Program.

“HTWB is proud to contribute to developing the “Mindstep for Ukraine” project, which will enable users to have the tools to improve their mental health, have an informed conversation with mental health professionals, and understand their mental health needs better,” said Olga Gershuni, HTWB Nursing & Mental Health Program Director.

In commitment to supporting Ukrainian communities, HTWB intends to expand the project to all Ukrainians, including those displaced. This expansion will enable it to extend its reach and provide vital mental health support to Ukrainians in the EU and Ukraine, acknowledging the widespread impact of displacement and conflict.

The “Mindstep for Ukraine” mental health app is free for Ukrainians living in the UK and can be downloaded from Apple Store.

A generous donation of $10 will help improve one adult’s mental health and well-being by providing free access to the “Mindstep for Ukraine” application. Donate here.

About Health Tech Without Borders

Health Tech Without Borders, Inc. (HTWB) is a global non-profit organization that supports local communities affected by sudden humanitarian emergencies via digital tools. As an innovation hub, HTWB collaborates with international public and private partners to provide access to care and health education to those afflicted by conflict and climate change. HTWB focuses on supporting any person affected by humanitarian disasters while remaining non-sectarian and apolitical. Learn more at https://www.htwb.org/

About Mindstep

Mindstep is a dedicated team of specialist doctors, data scientists, and engineers united in their commitment to advancing clinical neurological and mental health care on a global scale through technology. Much of their work has led to the creation of the Mindstep app, which provides access to gold-standard assessment and tools for common brain and mental health conditions. https://www.letsmindstep.com/

About Sora Union

At Sora Union, our mission is to provide stable revenue to resilient people who have been displaced, or are at risk of displacement, from conflict or climate change. For our customers, Sora Union is a globally distributed extension of their team that provides access to the world’s untapped talent. We bring resilience, speed, and true global sensibility. Today we work in Design (Brand and Product), Localization, Engineering, QA Engineering and Recruiting.

For our teammates who are displaced or at risk of displacement, we are a globally distributed professional services company that lets them take their careers with them if they have to or choose to move. Unlike gig work platforms, we provide revenue stability, meaningful work, and career development.


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