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Sakharov Prize: Female power “reboots” this world – Alona Lebedieva

Sakharov Prize: Female power “reboots” this world – Alona Lebedieva

KYIV, UKRAINE, December 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — On Tuesday, December 12, the awarding ceremony of the winners took place in the European Parliament Sakharov “For Freedom of Thought”. According to Alona Lebedieva, the founder of the Aurum Charity Fund and the European non-profit organization «Aurum Charity Foundation, women are gradually taking the lead in the development of democracy and the transformation of entire societies.

«I was very happy to receive an invitation to participate in the Sakharov Prize awarding ceremony. This year’s laureates are special for me as a woman and a mother. After all, the women of Iran have demonstrated incredible strength to the world, they have become an impetus for change for their own people, which, I am sure, cannot be extinguished, – noted Alona Lebedieva, – In my opinion, the culture of violence of the patriarchal world is far from building peace and democracy. But the incredible strength of even one woman is able to resist this, unfortunately, at the cost of her own safety, freedom and life. Thanks to the work of women like Gina Mahsa Amini, a woman of the Woman, Life, Freedom movement, Nobel laureate and human rights activist Narges Mohammadi, who is currently in prison, Iranian children can look to the future».

«Today, how Iranian women, Ukrainian women and thousands of women all over the world are fighting for a better future for their children. It is we, women, who are “rebooting” this world. And if you look at the list of candidates for the Sakharov Prize proposed by the European Parliament this year, the vast majority – women. Gradually, women are gaining primacy in the development of democracy and the transformation of entire societies», – noted Alona Lebedieva.

The day before, the European non-profit organization «Aurum Charity Foundation» of Alona Lebedieva received an invitation to the 2023 Sakharov Prize ceremony, which is awarded annually by the European Parliament.

We will remind, during the discussion panel of the 11th World Forum for Democracy held in the Council of Europe, Alona Lebedieva noted the need for the full involvement of women in the process of supporting peace, which will be of key importance for the development of the post-conflict world:

«Women are left out of global political, social and cultural resources. And as a result, we often see the introduction of a culture of violence rather than a culture of peace. On the example of Ukrainian women, I can say that we are very strong, we overcome the difficulties associated with a full-scale war and help others in this. I believe that women can play a key role in preventing and settling military conflicts and building peace. Women , whose nature is non-aggressive and intuitive, can help eliminate the root causes of conflicts».

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